Sound Therapy Network

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What is Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a holistic healing modality that benefits individuals mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s scientifically proven to help

-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Improve sleep
-Enhance cognitive functions
-Build emotional resilience and more!

Types of Sound Therapy Sessions

Sound Baths

Traditional Sound Baths usually feature Crystal Singing Bowls and various instruments to relax the client and take them into a meditative state. Sound Baths are a great way to reduce stress and anxiety holistically.

Somatic Sound Baths™

For a deeper healing experience, Somatic Sound Baths™ feature a Himalayan bowl on the body. The vibration from the bowls activates our cells, helping to repair and regulate the nervous system.

Somatic Sound Therapy™

This private session is on a massage table providing a total healing experience that will improve the client's mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It's similar to a massage with additional healing benefits.