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Sound Therapy Network


This podcast is for practitioners and clients that want to learn more about Sound Therapy. Learn how we can improve our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing with sound, vibration, and understanding the Chakras.

Healing isn’t only to recover from trauma, it’s also to expand to allow in more joy, passion, and pleasure. We cover it all!

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Host – Niajae Wallace 

'I don't subscribe to the belief we're all broken. I believe we're all trying to be who we truly are and feel our best, in a broken system.'

I conduct a lot of research and collect data at Bliss Bar Meditation Studio about the current state of our nervous system, common physical ailments, and how bad we’re struggling with burnout and functional depression. Sound Therapy is a gentle way to combat these issues.

Join me in creating a ripple of healing in the world!

The Latest Episodes

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Straight from our followers

Niajae showed me a side of energy healing I never knew existed. I left with a sound bowl and I've been using it every day since! I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis so being introduced to sound therapy has changed my life! even my 3 year old is mesmerized by the vibrations! thank you for sharing your gift with the world 🤍
Nadia Hoballah
To be honest with you, this was my first time trying sound bath therapy - so I really didn't know what to expect. I was looking for a nice experience to do with my girlfriend that would be similar to a couple's massage. Niajae and Bliss Bar didn't disappoint! She and Kayla set up the room so beautifully, literally just seeing the picture of the massage tables with the rose petals and everything brought a smile to my face before I even got there.
Jamie Doerschuck
I had the pleasure of my 1st "Happy Hour" journaling & soundbath experience with the incredible Niajae and it superseded my expectations. Niajae played as the words continuously flowed from my pen almost effortlessly as the vibrational energy filled the room and through my body. it truly a unique and enlightening experience.
Tina Clouse